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What We Do

The Second Chance Project helps to establish iden􀀁ty and security within young people by providing success stories from individuals who have overcome; substance abuse, sexual abuse, rejec􀀁on, nega􀀁ve peer pressure, lack of iden􀀁ty, rebellion, bullying and broken homes.

Our Proposal

One of the leading causes of teenage delinquencies is the absence of fathers at home and in the family structure. Mothers nurture and share love, where fathers specifically established identity and security in a child.

Through Second Chance we endeavor to bring young people to a place where they can receive that security and identity through life-changing and inspired testimonies. Second Chance is an initiative launched specifically to reach out to the local schools and universities of South Africa and abroad. This will be done through the sharing of testimonies and stories of hope. These testimonies will be shared through inspired speakers who has gone through certain challenging experiences in life and overcame them. We partner with schools and offer two programs to bring change to youth.

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Our Topics


Substance Abuse

Sexual Abuse


Negative Peer pressure

Lack of Identity



Broken homes

Our Programs

We address our institute according to their need. 

Program 1


Description: Ordinary people telling their testimony, so the next generation can learn from their mistakes. The once that overcame, Substance Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Rejection, Negative Peer Pressure, Lack of Identity, Rebellion and Broken Homes.

Desired Outcome: Youth that will not make the same mistakes.

Program 2


Description: I Group stand’s for influence group. This is a small group where the youth gets together with an mentor and they discuss a topic of foundational principals that can make their lives better. The mentor is only a facilitator and guides the group discussion where the youth can speak freely amongst their peers.

Desired Outcome: Youth being free from emotional ties that keeps them back

History of Our outreaches


As second chance, we have reached many regions across South Africa and Namibia. We have seen the effectiveness of our speakers’ testimonies in the lives of the youth, and that the youth could relate to the life stories shared. Through this, they had hope. We saw many lives changed, and even the relationships between the scholar and the teachers improved.

South Africa

We are well established in the below provinces:


A Nationwide movement that sparked in the following provinces:

Current Outreaches

Some of Our speakers


Leon du preez

While living a lifestyle of darkness and bondage, enslaved by substance abuse, I heard a message of hope and power that completely transformed and changed my life. I received a second chance. Second Chance is the perfect platform for many such testimonies to be shared in the local schools.

Maartin Bezuidenhout

Having grown up with religion I experienced a great deal of condemnation and the feeling of hopelessness. I struggled with anger, sought identity in partying but one encounter with God broke every addiction and bondage in my life in one instance.

Gerhard Van Wyk

Since I can remember the greatest battle I had to face was knowing who I was. I never had Identity, faced severe rejection and abuse but one encounter with God changed my life forever.

Minnette Bester

Have you ever thought you’ll never be able to overcome your situation? Well, I have been through severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and attempts. The greatest thing that happened to me was the day I met GOD and I've experienced freedom and my identity.

Holly Horton

When I was younger finding my identity was always my biggest struggle. I often tried to find it in worldly things such as alcohol and boys until I had a true encounter with the living God in whom I found my identity.

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